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8 Ways to Boost Productivity with a Great Morning Routine

With so many people working from home right now, one of the biggest complaints people seem to have is a lack of motivation. So, how can you boost productivity? A great morning routine! One that gets you up and at ’em for the day ahead, keeps you balanced, and gives you the energy and drive to get through the day.

We’ve gathered up some of the best tips to boost productivity with a stellar morning routine – check them out!

8 Hacks to Boost Productivity with a Morning Routine

1. Wake Up Early – Before the Work Day Begins

What time do you get up? Do you roll out of bed and into your office chair. Do you hit the shower, get dressed, then get in the car? Whether you work from home or leave the house, there is definite value in giving yourself time in the morning, well before your workday duties start.

For example, if your work day starts at 8, consider getting up at 7 – you don’t need to be up hours and hours before, but it’s better than 7:55.

Research suggests that waking up well before the work day begins can make you more productive throughout the day. This extra time in the morning helps establish a routine, and gives you the time for those other activities that will help start your day off right.

2. Make your bed

This may sound silly, but the simple act of making your bed as soon as you get up gives you a sense of accomplishment!

It also helps reduce stress and aids in decision making. It’s the first thing you “decide” to do in the morning, and you can do it with very little contemplation. It also starts your day off organized.

3. Drink some water

After you wake up, hydrate your body. It’s craving some H20! you’ve just gone for a long stretch of time without drinking any water. Water perks you up and gets your muscles and organs working. And no, coffee doesn’t count!

4. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

There’s a reason “they” say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast should be a balance of high-fiber carbohydrates and lean protein. Those carbs help regulate blood sugar levels, while the protein can help you feel full for longer.

Great choices include:

  • eggs
  • fruit
  • yogurt
  • quinoa or oatmeal

5. Exercise

Getting your body moving, first thing in the morning, is an excellent way to start the day. Exercise helps boost energy, motivation, productivity and physical and mental stamina.

Go for a run, walk your dog, do some yoga: whatever your chosen activity, do it first thing in the morning to give your mind and body that push.

6. Meditate

Center your mind to get ready for the day. Pick a quiet spot, sit and reflect.

7. Do the Hardest task first

Once you start work, do the hardest thing on your to-do list first. Why? Your mind is the most clear first thing in the morning, and you’ve probably got the most drive. Tackle the hardest thing while you still have that reserve of mental and physical energy, and before you get inundated with other tasks.

8. End the day by planning your morning

Sure, this may not technically be a morning task, but it will help you wake up feeling like you have a plan for the day ahead. Maybe that means making a to-do list, or it could just mean working through the list in your head.

Have a great day, every day!