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2021 Healthy Food Trends: Eating for Good health

We’re already a month into 2021, and we’re hearing a lot about what’s on the table for the months ahead. And since health is our jam, what we’re really interested in are those healthy food trends that will carry us through the whole year (and beyond)!

When it comes to food trends, we’re happy to see a major focus on both our own health and the health of the planet! Check these out!

2021 Healthy Food Trends

1. Plant-Based Proteins

We saw a surge in interest in plant-based protein in 2020, and that is expected to continue this year, as more people choose to follow vegetarian or vegan diets or just reduce their use of animal products. Some are making the switch for health reasons, others for animal welfare reasons, and still others to help the environment.

Plant-based proteins are just that – food sources of protein which is from plants. Some great sources include tofu, tempeh, seitan, nuts, seeds, chickpeas, lentils, beans and split peas. Whether you move away from animal-based proteins all together, or just replace an animal-based protein with a plant-based one a few times per week, it’s great for your health. 

2. Fermenting, Canning and Preserving Foods

Fermentation is becoming really big again, as are canning and preserving. People are looking for ways to save money, as well as to beat the boredom of being stuck at home. This offers both.

And don’t forget how happy fermented food will make your gut! All that friendly bacteria from the fermented food shows the gut some major TLC!

Whether you’re making jam, canning fruits or veggies, or making your own kombucha, this is one of the biggest healthy food trends we expect to continue to see in 2021.

3. Sustainability

At the beginning of Covid, we saw so many pictures of the Earth renewing itself, and many of us are aware now of how important it is to consider the health of our planet to help keep ourselves, and future generations, healthy. 

This year, we’ll see even more focus on sustainability and moving towards a greener future. That could mean more sustainable food packaging, a greater emphasis on reducing household waste, even more plant based eating. We will also likely see a greater resistance to GMO foods and the use of pesticides, since both are harmful to the Earth and our bodies.

4. CBD-Infused Food and Drinks

If the last few years have been huge for CBD, 2021 could be even bigger. As more and more people learn about the benefits of CBD, companies are looking for ways to provide access. One of the ways they’re doing this is with CBD-infused food and drinks. You can find everything from cookies to beer.

And, you don’t even have to buy CBD-infused products. There are plenty of recipes to make your own CBD food at home. If you have a tincture, the sky’s the limit. CBD salad dressing, smoothies, even butter!

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5. Upcycling

When we talk about upcycling, we’re not talking about turning old t-shirts into messenger bags (or any other crafts using old items). That said, it was also a major trend in 2020. What we’re referring to is upcycling with food!

Food waste is still a major factor impacting the health of the planet, so we’re seeing many companies turning common ingredients that otherwise be wasted into great products! We’re also seeing home chefs turning useful “leftovers” into really yummy recipes. Vegetable stock is a favorite, but it goes beyond that – check out these ideas from the Food Network for everything from sauces to soups.